Is Real Estate Email Marketing A Solution To All The Current Realtor Woes?

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Real estate email marketing is the latest solution which is doing the rounds today. It is being touted as the solution to all the current realtor woes in most real estate marketing tips. A system was created as a means to facilitate the transaction between buyers and sellers of properties. However, over the due course of time it was hijacked by big brand agents to thrive on their misery.

Current Realtor Woes:

The shortcomings of the current system which real estate email marketing is supposed to overcome, is as follows:

  • Exorbitant Transaction Costs: Total commissions to the tune of six percent of each transaction value.
  • Conflict Of Interest: Since remuneration is based on transaction value, a natural tendency to increase it may possibly be against the interest of the client.

What Real Estate Email Marketing does?

A real estate email marketing system eliminates the agent altogether. Sounds good, isn’t it? But why do we assume that agents were meant to thrive on our misery? Before we move on to the answer, let’s see how email marketing fits in or rather has been made to fit into the solution.

All the system does is, make you the realtor yourself. This is how it works. You either develop a website yourself or use some popular portal to place a listing on the website. Either way, there will be a cost incurred.  Then you will hope to collect a database of the people that visit the listing. That will form the basis of your real estate email marketing system. Once you have a group of buyers, you may negotiate a sale with one of them.

Why it will not Work?

  • Too much work: The real estate email marketing system would mean a lot of work for you. Developing a website, getting a database and then negotiating. You may save on out-of-pocket-costs, but consider the implied costs too. You could have spent this time doing something more productive.
  • Time Taken: The amount of time taken from your decision to sell to when the sale is actually made will be pretty large. As such there is a cost involved with time as well. Real estate email marketing is definitely not a reliable way to sell your home fast.
  • Lack of expertise: Let us assume for a minute that the unthinkable has happened and you have indeed found the clients and that too in very little time. You will soon realize that the documentation and legalities would require an expert and therefore would once again involve a cost.

The Alternate Solution: A smarter alternative to real estate email marketing would be to use a “no frills” flat fee realtor. This would bring down costs to the level that you want to. The best part is that a flat fee arrangement removes the conflict of interest out of the system. Also you do not have to work like an agent yourself and therefore there are no hidden costs. This solution is not cosmetic and fights the problem at its root. It is always worthwhile to give the no-frills realtors a try.


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