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Computer-assisted data analysis, an incredibly powerful tool, is not a new thing and is helping investors who want to expand their business in aboard.

Bringing improvement with artificial intelligence, clever programming and computer chips have reserved intuitive thinking skills of people. There are unstoppable ways of investing in them. One can either do it for their own use as back-end tool or as a product for customers.

Some of the best artificial stocks that are investable names in the market today are, Samsung (NASDAQOTH:SSNLF), and IBM (NYSE:IBM).

Salesforce, a maker of cloud-based tools, has an innovative approach to a set the basic business problems. Over the last decade, this has rewarded the investors with 660% a market-crushing return.

Several small acquisitions are built by Salesforce Einstein to bring together their special tools in one unified roof. Hence, making natural language processing, and relationship intelligence user-friendly.

Overall efforts of Salesforce in this emerging market has made results more sophisticated.

Big Blue is a known player of artificial intelligence market, which built a supercomputer for chess-playing that was capable of challenging Kasparov, who won the first match. Followed by next year, he lost the match that was a birth of new era in the contest between man and machine.


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