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On Tuesday, Luxury car Mercedes-Benz and automotive supplier maker Bosch said, to introduce a driverless car, they would be collaborating with Daimler by the start of the next decade.

If the partnership becomes successful and delivers self-driving cars, this would place German automaker Daimler in the forefront on the global race. Both the companies said, they would be working together to make develop the necessary software, which is helpful in the functionality of autonomous vehicles. Certain semi-self-driving systems have been already rolled out by Mercedes in vehicles such as the S-Class.

The latest move came into the limelight when Daimler recently struck a deal with ride-hailing app Uber. To gain wide avenue in the rapidly evolving market for autonomous vehicle systems, he wants them to partner on self-driving cars.

More to this, Daimler and Bosch are expected to produce a commercial system for “urban automated taxis,” or robotaxis of the future.

Daimler and Bosch said in a statement about the alliance, which is aimed at making a totally self-driving car, “a reality on city streets by the start of the next decade”.

“The project’s main aim is to make a driving system ready for production, as a result of which vehicles will be able to drive completely autonomously in cities.”The idea behind it is that the vehicle will come to the driver, not the other way around,” the companies said.


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