Healthcare Bill Hits A Roadblock Again As An Amicable Solution Eludes Republican Lawmakers

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It is becoming increasingly apparent from recent developments that Obamacare repeal and replacement legislation in the U.S. Congress is not going to happen soon if not at any time. The infighting among Republican lawmakers could not be resolved despite the White House mounting a serious effort. Republican conservatives and moderates were expected to patch up differences this week.

The Affordable Care Act more popularly known as Obamacare; has been resented by many Republicans since it was enacted in 2010. It was widely expected that President Trump would reveal a new healthcare bill but that has not happened. It was one of the key poll promises made by the President at every stage of the campaign.

While hectic negotiations are continuing, lawmakers are expected to return to their home districts and assure voters that they are trying to deliver on this campaign promise. They have promised a new healthcare bill but there is no timetable or deadline.

The new bill will aim at maintaining the essential or core health benefits of Obamacare. This includes mental health coverage and maternity care. States would be allowed to apply for waivers if coverage can be improved and costs reduced.


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