Nuclear Showdown Imminent As Republicans And Democrats Refuse To Blink

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This week will see the curtains come down over more than a year of pressure over an empty Supreme Court seat in the United States. The outcome is potentially something that neither the Democrats nor the Republicans want but some action must be taken. The stand-off is a continuation of the bitter and divisive politics that the country has seen through the Presidential campaign. A lot is at stake for both the parties and that’s why this is a no-holds barred battle.

Will there be any last minute surprises? A sting in the tail? It’s difficult to predict as this has been a long-running battle that has not shown any signs of resolution despite numerous behind the scene negotiations and talks.

Republicans are most likely to invoke the nuclear option Thursday to bring about a controversial change in Senate rules. This will help them overcome a Democratic filibuster of Neil Gorsuch. He is the President Trump’s choice for Supreme Court.

While the Democrats want Republicans change their nominee, the Republicans want Democrats to allow Gorsuch to succeed.

Republicans have a 52-48 majority in the Senate and need the support of eight Democrats to reach the 60-vote number to satisfy the procedural norm. They have managed four so far.


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