Flat Fee Commission – Better Earnings Than A Real Estate Agent Salary

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The average real estate agent salary varies and depends on several factors, including the place where the agent is located, economy of the place, and of course the work ethic and commitment of the agent. Commissions form the principle component of an estate agent’s salary. Naturally, the higher the property rate, the larger will be the commission that the agent makes from such deals. However, as real estate markets are affected by a variety of factors, wide fluctuations in earnings are not unusual for a real estate agent.

A successful realtor is one who has the ability to coordinate and communicate effectively with attorneys, mortgage brokers, bankers and other financial service companies. They must have that unique ability to identify and highlight the USP of the property under consideration and sell the concept to the buyer. They must have the talent to subtly influence the buyers mind by bringing forth the advantages of buying the home or property.

What It Takes To Become A Realtor

Becoming a realtor is easy. Becoming a successful and dependable realtor takes a lot of effort and commitment. To become a professional real; estate agent, you will require a realtor license. The procedure for getting a license varies from state to state. A licensed and professional realtor has many options. They can either operate on their own or join an established firm on a real estate agent salary. Becoming a franchise of a popular real estate company is a viable, but expensive, option.

Flat fee real estate agency or no frills agents is a brand new concept that is catching the attention of real estate agents all over the US. In this model, agents are neither given a real estate agent salary nor a percentage of the transaction amount as fees. Agents charge a flat fee for a successful deal. Such no frills real estate companies are committed to keep costs down so that becoming an estate agent is not difficult for those who enjoy doing this type of work.

The primary objective of a no frills flat fee agency is to keep the costs low so that becoming a real estate agent seems like an attractive career option. You do not have to pay any franchise fees. All of the money saved this way is passed on to the sellers so that they can make an attractive offer to their clients.

Assured Fee For Every Successful Deal

Flat fee agencies do not pay a real estate agent salary. What they pay is an assured fixed amount for every successful transaction (usually $3300). Many such agencies allow agents to operate individually while letting them have the security of a brand name to give them more respectability and credibility.

The arrangement works superbly for sellers, buyers and real estate agents since it benefits all of them. While some agents blame the concept for loss of income due to absence of high commission fees, what they may not appreciate is the steady income that the flat fee model generates for them. The chances of a deal ending positively are much higher in this plan. It allows the realtors to take home an assured amount more frequently and is a much better idea than working for unscrupulous companies on a real estate agent salary.


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