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The best way of selling a house is to sell home by owner. Besides being the safest medium for sale, it has even more positive aspects, which we will discuss later in this article.

FSBO Homes

“For Sale by Owner” refers to properties/homes that are sold by the owner without any intervention of real-estate agencies.

The procedure of “sell home by owner” is a tool for the house owner to accomplish their objectives with ease. It saves time, as well as money. If you go through a reputed real estate agent, then a huge amount of commission would have to be paid for the deal you make. Since 1999, FSBO homes have been serving people efficiently and have saved billions of dollars in commissions.

Pros And Cons Of FSBO

To Help You Decide Whether “Sell Home By Owner” Is For You:

  • EASY: It is the easiest procedure to opt for if you are undecided about selling your home yourself.
  • Wide variety of buyers available: FSBO homes provide access to millions of people who are seeking houses.
  • Improbability and uncertainty: If you sell via real estate agent, then you generally do not directly get the response of the buyers. If you hear their feedback, then you can rectify anything that may be lacking and thus can get higher price for your house.
  • You are in charge: FSBO saves you time in finding a buyer for your house. You decide what to do and what not to. You are free to make your decisions without any intervention.
  • Experience: Since you are the agent, you could be on the losing end at the finish of the deal due to alack of experience.

How To Sell Your Home

Here Are Some Ready Tips For Sell Home By Owner:

  • Try to emotionally detach yourself from the house you are selling.
  • Do not overprice your home. Grab a comparative-market analysis report and price your home accordingly. You could also estimate the price at any online directory.
  • STAGE your home. Staging does not merely mean redecorating. It creates illusions in the mind of the potential buyer.
  • Advertise the house to attract buyers. You could make or break a deal by marketing your old home properly. In this age, marketing is more important than ever.
  • Get access to millions of sellers on the Internet from leading websites such as The no-frills way is very popular among buyers and sellers and consequently realtors.
  • Get purchase offers, negotiate well, and before you close the deal, consult with a lawyer.

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