America First Policy Tested As Major Crises Hits North Korea And Syria

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In a move that has surprised many political observers in the United States, President Trump has advocated a drastically different approach to foreign policy from one that he was that promoting right through the election campaigns. The change of heart has come about by the recent crises that North Korea and Syria have suffered. It is clear that President Donald Trump is now focusing on protecting the security and economic interests of the country and has probably put the issue of moral leadership on the backburner.

The statement delivered by the President in the Rose Garden in the presence of King Abdullah II of Jordan, condemning the brutal chemical weapons attack in Syria sounded no different from the line that the Democrats have been following during the eight years of their rule.

While the Syrian attack does not pose an immediate threat to the economic or security interests of the US, it does severely violate the established norms of behavior among countries. More importantly, it can pose a serious problem to the stated foreign policy of President Trump.

Many political experts believe that there is no firm foreign policy in place for this Government and they are just reacting to developments on an individual basis.


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