US To Harden Stance On Trade With China

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It is 13 weeks since the Trump administration has gained control of The White House and there are strong signals emanating from the foreign ministry of the new dispensation that the first firm and concrete measures against China on trade will roll out soon. Even as the U.S President welcomed the Chinese premier to their first meeting at the seaside club, enough hints have been dropped about the imminent hardening of position against the largest global trading partner of America.

In fact, President Trump could sign an executive order as soon as President Xi Jinping of China leaves the U.S shores. The order could be a broader one targeting countries that dump steel into the American market. However, the message is not lost on anyone as to who the real target is.

Whether the executive order would be stringent or would leave scope for future discussions or negotiations is unclear at present. However, it will certainly give the Republicans some bragging power on how the promise made during the election campaign will be made good. Mr. Trump has vowed that if voted to power, he would redress China’s huge trade surplus with the United States. If further

If further proof of the intentions of President Trump on this front is needed, it is clear from the administration’s decision to move out senior economy policy official, Andrew Quinn. He was instrumental in negotiating the signature trade initiative of the Obama regime – the Trans-Pacific Partnership.


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