US Airlines Shows Improved Performance Across Key Parameters According To A Recent Report

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A recent report on airline quality released by the Wichita State University and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University researchers has painted a rather rosy picture of the airlines industry in the United States. According to the findings of the research, airlines have become better at sticking to schedules and are losing fewer bags than before. Even the number of complaints from customers is on the decline.

The researchers have used the information compiled by the U.S. Department of Transportation to rate the airlines on several key parameters such as on-time performance, oversold flights, handling baggage and complaints posted by passengers. There is a good improvement by the airline companies on all these parameters.

On time performance has improved from 79.9 per cent in 2015 to 81.4 per cent in 2016. Instances of bags lost, delayed or stolen fell by an impressive 17 per cent. Incidents of passengers being bumped off airlines due to overselling of seats has come down by 18 percent over last year. The rate of complaints filed by passengers with the Government also dropped by a fifth.

The researchers from Wichita State and Embry-Riddle have been doing their airline report for more than 25 years now. The data is extremely valuable for comparing airlines performance.


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