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It has been rumored that Tesla is likely to begin the model 3 production. This production will be done with blocks of identical build configurations, and custom orders are yet to be followed at a later date. This has been revealed by an unnamed trusted source as quoted on Tesla Model 3 Owners Club forum.

The news is not that surprising as Tesla nowadays has been securing leasing contracts of large warehouses and storage spaces. Well, to run the production smoothly and easily, when all your units produced are identical in nature, this has to be done.

As per the information provided by Tesla CEO Elon Musk, for people who want all-wheel-drive variants have to wait till next year as Tesla is currently prioritizing the delivery of “cheap” vehicle configurations.

The rumor is that the company has started production of basic configuration batches, before moving on to highly specific custom jobs.

The unnamed source mentioned above stated: “What I was told is that Tesla will be moving to more of an inventory sales approach with Model 3. This process has already started with Model S where Tesla is getting more and more incentivized for the owner advisors each quarter to hit their goals and to push more inventory cars that are prebuilt by Tesla.”


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