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Donald Trump, President of U.S., is aiming at “Buy American, Hire American” agenda and is going sign executive orders on Tuesday. He said on a visit to the Snap-on (SNA) in Kenosha, Wis, which is a tool and manufacturing Service Company.

Buy American and Hire American, are the two sections in which order will be divided. In the “Buy American” section, reforms that are tacking with the immigration system will be pushed forward by administration especially the H-1B visa program, which then-candidate President of U.S. promised to “end forever” on the campaign trail.

According to the senior administration officials, U.S. President is soft on his tone. Apart from this, the administration will also give an attempt to correct abuses of laws that are governing with the entry of employees from abroad.

On Monday, these officials said that temporary employment laws of the country for workers coming from abroad to allow them to work regardless of merit or skill has weak enforcement, which leads to H-1B workers who are less-skilled.

While the “Hire American” portion of the executive order will “[usher] in new, stronger Buy American policy.” A call for comprehensive assessment among government agencies will be made on weak control of Hire American policies.


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