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Against the scourge of tipping, Uber has always stood alone. Since the time of its commencement, Uber has allowed for tipping within its app and refused to do right by its drivers. Anyway, that may be coming to an end.

A new rule has been considered enacting by the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission that car companies like Uber have to add an in-app tipping option, a way to tip, which will commensurate with the method of payment.

Applied in New York City, many other cities can also follow the Gotham’s lead and will be required to go for cashless tipping as well.

Of course, Uber had the opportunity to do the right thing by its drivers, but now it has to inform riders that tips were not included in their fare. However, Uber has agreed to the terms, but the settlement was rejected by judge because, it was not fair for drivers and the negotiations are still going on.

Jim Conigliaro Jr., founder of The Independent Drivers Guild group said, “Drivers have long been denied access to the kinds of benefits and labor protections many workers take for granted, such as paid sick leave or the minimum wage. As a result, New York City’s professional drivers have traditionally depended on gratuities for a substantial portion of their income. Cuts to driver pay across the ride-hail industry has made tipping income more important than ever.”


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