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Yahoo’s revenue is still declining, and this chronic problem rose when it stopped its sale to Verizon Communications.

Despite of the revenue loss, Yahoo was successful during 1st three months, when the year started. After that, it showed a down bar, which indicated how far Yahoo has fallen during past decade. Yahoo’s 21-year final quarterly report will be released on Tuesday.

Before the end of second quarter, Yahoo is expecting sale of $4.5 billion. Yahoo earned $100 million in the first quarter, which released them from a loss of $99 million last year.

$350 million is the final price of the deal between Yahoo and Verizon, which Yahoo gave to correct for the harm because 2 security breaches. However, this resulted in stealing of data from more than 1 billion Yahoo user accounts.

After Verizon takes over, Alibaba Group and Yahoo Japan made a new group called Altaba. Yahoo’s cash and stakes are in these two internet companies.

However, Yahoo’s CEO Marissa Mayer will not be a part of Altaba, and she is not also expecting to work with Verizon to oversee. Well, if she doesn’t have a job, she will be receiving a $23 million as severance package.

“I’ve never been more proud of the improvements we’ve made to the business and the value we’ve delivered to our shareholders,” Mayer said.


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