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As U.S. President Donald Trump is trying to push his most talked policies, world finance leaders are have called for meeting. Trump is away from protectionism and has displayed wide support for open trade and global integration.

On Trump’s “America First” agenda for the first time IMF (The International Monetary Fund) and World Bank have scheduled meetings, which are bringing the two multilateral institutions’ face-to-face with about 189 members.

About President’s plans to shrink U.S. trade deficits, IMF specially has announced warnings to take potential measures to restrict imports. Apart from that, officials of Trump’s administration are pushing back against such warnings and are arguing. They say other countries are much more protective than U.S.

Apart from giving warnings on Trade, IMF unveiled two studies telling about the dangers from fiscal proposals, which Trump is considering. The warning includes Trump’s reform ideas could lead to fuel financial risk-taking and raise the debt.

“These meetings will all be about Trump and the implications of his policies for the international agenda,” said Domenico Lombardi, a former IMF board official who is now with the Centre for International Governance Innovation, a Canadian think-tank. He also added that IMF’s Managing Director is aiming to “socialize” its new administration and influence its policy choices.


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