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A voluntary global recall has been issued by Tesla to fix problem of parking brakes in some of its cars like Model S and Model X.

Tesla, the electric car maker, mentioned that about 2% of the 53,000 models built from February to October 2016 had this issue, but now all of them are recalled. Although, company added that no reports of injury and accidents have been reported.

Tesla shares closed down with 1%, in US trading.

An official recall notice will be sent to the customers by company with the information on how they could replace the parking brakes. Also, in November 2015, company recalled 3,000 of its Model S cars due to seat belt connectivity problems.

The firm, in one of the statements, said the electric parking brakes which were installed on Model S and Model X “may contain a small gear that could have been manufactured improperly by our third-party supplier”. It also added that if the gear breaks, car would keep moving, but parking brake would be stuck in place.

Tesla said if no reports are there for parking brake failure, then it is “safe to continue regular use of your vehicle.”


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