Teslas quickly have become one of the best selling automobiles around the world. Many people have their eyes on these sleek cars to rid gas from their lives and help protect the environment. No matter why you want to get a Tesla auto, they aren’t like other cars you have had in the past. To help you make an informed decision as to whether a Tesla is right for you, we will take a look at some facts you should know before buying a Tesla.

A Professionally Installed Wall Outlet Will Help

Charging your Tesla from a standard wall outlet will be incredibly slow, and the high-speed wall charger is an unnecessary cost. An effective middle ground is to have a professional install a NEMA 14-50 outlet in your garage. This is a reasonable cost and will charge your Tesla faster than a standard outlet.

Switching to an Electric Car Isn’t That Hard.

Many people predict that switching over to an electric car will be a tough shift. Trying to make sure your car has a gas can be complicated enough. In reality, it is simply trading one method of fueling for another. Just as simple as trading one brand of a phone for another.

Supercharger Algorithms are Just a Guide

When you travel with the supercharger algorithms, you will be guided through your journey based on how much battery you have and the chargers’ location. Be aware that the supercharger leans more towards the conservative side.

The more you drive your car, the more you will learn what to expect when it comes to energy consumption. If you travel at the speed limit instead of above it, you can make it a bit further than you think. At the same time, it never hurts to stop at a charger and fill your car up whenever you can while you are still learning.

Something to keep in mind is that the charge indicator itself is more accurate than your average fuel gauge.

Roadside Assistance Warning

Just as a heads up, Tesla’s roadside assistance does not cover if you run out of charge. You will have to pay for a charge boost. For those who want to have peace of mind, you can sign up for AAA Gold. AAA Gold covers charging your electric vehicle.

Plug Share Can Give You Extra Charging Options

Plugshare is a shared charging option where you can have access to chargers worldwide, similar to having Airbnb. While the supercharger network is pretty decent, it is still growing, and charging in remote locations can be difficult. With the popularity of Teslas and other electric cars, plug sharing apps and programs have become quite common.

Campsite Charging

You can charge your Tesla at many campsites, including national park campsites. The NEMA 14-50 plug mentioned earlier is the same one that RVs use to hookup at campsites. As long as you have the cable, you can park in an RV spot and charge your car. Some campsites will allow you to charge for a short period of time if you ask kindly.

Go Easy On The Tires

Go easy on your tires. The 19″ ones that come on your car do not last that long if you have a heavy foot. Rotating them regularly and watching your driving habits will ensure that you can get the longest lifespan possible.

If you purchase the Model S, use the Ludacris Mode sparingly. While the car can do a 0-60 in 2.4 seconds, it will take its toll on the tires. Not to mention that you have to get the conditions right to enter Ludacris Mode. You will need a fully charged battery, the car running for at least 45 minutes, and it won’t work more than a couple of times without slowing down.

The Screen

Something important to note is that the touchscreen is not locked or limited when driving. None of those bothersome nanny features that other cars have are present in Tesla. While this makes it quicker to interact with the computer, it is important to still drive safely. In some states, you can get in trouble for interacting with the computer while in motion.

Another note about the screen is that it gets regular updates. Some of these updates only give you fixes to problems, but others will allow you to get whole new features. Older Teslas may have to wait for retrofits or software patches for new features to work or older features to function the same after new updates. However, Tesla has shown that they are actively working to keep their older cars up-to-date.


Getting a Tesla auto can be a big move, but it is one that many people never look back from. Never having to fill up the tank with gas again is just one of the benefits you get from moving to Tesla. Take a look at these Tesla facts and see if you want to decide to get a Tesla. At their price, they are a major competitor for all types of cars now, not just the electric ones.


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