Today we are going to take a look at what Florida man was up to on August 18. Florida Man has become quite the legend across not just the United States but the world.

Many people wonder what Florida Man is up to every day. People also want to know what Florida Man has done on their birthday. If August 18th is your birthday, then you are in luck.

Today we are going to take a look at some of the hijinx that Florida Man has got up to on August 18.

Florida Man August 18: The Planned Mass Shooting

A Florida man was arrested on August 18th, 2019. The man was making threats to commit a mass shooting via text message.

He sent messages to someone saying he was going to shoot people in a crowd, killing as many of them as possible. This may be scary enough as is but it doesn’t seem too out of the character of Florida Man.

What makes this story very Florida Man-like, was the fact that he wanted to go for a world record for the longest kill streak ever. He also had a location chosen. However, the location was not shared with the public.

Also, something creepy to note is that Florida Man used a lot of emojis when texting about the mass shooting plans he had. One might think he was a teenage girl with how many he used.

It turns out Florida Man isn’t that good at planning though. He had everything he needed, but guns.

The Florida Man did not own a single gun at the time of planning all of this out. That is pretty good for everyone though or Florida Man would be even scarier than he already is.

Florida Man August 18: The Attack of the Potatoes

In this unique case, Florida Man broke into his ex-roommate’s apartment.

Normally this would be where he either got into a fight or robbed the person.

Instead, Florida Man beat the ex-roommate with a sack of potatoes.

The woman was hit so hard she was left with some major bruising. The attacker was Steven Teal, 34. Teal has been charged with assault and burglary.

Florida Man August 18: Extreme Arguments

When Florida Man gets into an argument, he really gets into an argument.

In this August 18th, 2019 case, Florida Man was arguing with another Florida Man for days before he finally had enough. He drove to the other man’s house to settle the argument once and for all.

Instead of settling the argument in a reasonable way though, Florida Man pulled out his gun and started shooting. The other man retreated into his house but Florida Man followed him and continued shooting.

The victim was announced dead on the scene.

The exact nature of the argument has not been released. We do know that Florida Man is being charged with first degree murder.

Final Thoughts

Florida Man has been a busy man in August. Hopefully, these tales from August 18th don’t scare you away from the challenge too much.

Keep checking back for updates to August 18th and other days. In the meantime, if you want more Florida Man stories, make sure to read some of the other days from history that we have prepared for you.

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