Instagram is one of the most famous apps for social and business video and photo posts. It is a good app to advertise your business or personal brand, as over 500 million people use Instagram daily. You communicate with other users by following them or having them follow you on Instagram. You increase how many people can see your photos or videos by regularly posting on Instagram. But how do you get more people to view your posts? One way to do that is by using Instagram hashtags. 

How to Benefits from Instagram Hashtags 

Instagram is a marketing tool that makes it easier for you to reach your target audience. Make the best use of Instagram to market your products and services to reach a wider audience.

Select the Right Keywords

Keywords in Instagram are important words and expressions that best describe your content. Content here means your photo and videos that you post on Instagram. People search for a business by using keywords or search words.  

For example, let’s imagine we want to look for furniture sellers doing business in Denver. The broad search word we can use is ‘Furniture.’ The Instagram results page will show furniture businesses, not necessarily sellers, in different locations. To narrow our search for specific furniture sellers in Denver, we need to use targeted keywords like ‘Furniture sellers in Denver.’ Our search results narrow down to Instagram pages of furniture vendors in Denver.  

This example gives you a sample of how you select your keywords for your Instagram hashtags. The topmost furniture seller on Instagram on our results pages we received might have used the following hashtags: –

#furniture, #furnitureshop, #seats, #beds #denver, and so on.

Using specific and right keywords attracts visits from your targeted audience. Look for the best photography hashtags that many users use in their searches.

How many Instagram hashtags should you use?

After selecting the right keywords for your post, know the number of hashtags you can use on your post. Instagram states you can use up to 30 hashtags.  

Get to Know your Target Audience

Understanding what your target audience is searching for is half the battle of using the right keywords to attract them to view your posts. Research the demographics of your target audience. Demographic information such as age group, the location of your target audience, and the time they most likely will view your posts. 

Here is a sample of demographic research conducted on Instagram users. Did you know Instagram posts with a location get 79% more engagement? Post engagement is the actions your viewers take when your post is running. These actions can include commenting, likes, and sharing your advertisements. Therefore, the 79% engagement states that you need to add a location to your post like #denver. Are your products targeting women buyers? A search on Statista shows that 51.4% of women use Instagram. Thus, the posting of your targeted product might engage many female Instagram users. Therefore, tailor your keywords to address the information you get from the different researches you do.

Tag Other People on Instagram

Another way to benefit from your hashtags is to mention other people or complementary businesses on Instagram. Your mention of them might get them to follow you or like your post. Their followers will see the photo you have tagged them in, but only if your account is public. Your mentions then might create new followers for your account.


To benefit from using Instagram hashtags, keep your hashtags updated. Understand how they perform in getting viewer engagements. Instagram hashtag analytics tools help you know how well your hashtags attract new and existing clients.


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